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CharimaMarine debuted in year 1990 as Ship chandler supplying Ship Stores in Johor Port that include wet/dry provisions, engine, rope, cutlery, deck, hardware and technical stores. Others are BA charts and flags etc. Available services are Life-raft annual service repair ;M&E works ; Radio, Radar an all Navigational aid system as well as Laundry service.

Business Category

  • Bot Design & Supply
  • Water Taxi
  • Self up righting boat
  • Dock / Floating Works 
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  • Bunker Fuel Supply
  • Marine Lubricant
  • Lube-oil Pumping 
  • Ind.Diesel Supply
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  • Herbal Probiotics
  • Aquafarming
  • Reseach & Analysis
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  • M & E (class G3)
  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Project 
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Multiple portfolios have been streamlined and segregated into four main categories

Year 2008 is significant. It marks the third millennium and simultaneously the twenty-first century. For CHARISMA MARINE SUPPLIES Sdn Bhd, it is in its eighteenth (18th) anniversary year.

In spite of being in operation for more almost two decades, CHARISMA Marine Supplies Sdn Bhd, known better as ‘CHARISMA’ often amazes many due to the company’s multiple services contrary to its singular purpose name.

To introduce the long list of trades the company has been involved with, it has decided that a self-introductory devise by way of this ‘Brief Write-up’ be distributed prior to any serious business negotiation. The company is confident that would-be clientele / customers after reading this brief write-up would ultimately know for certain as to how best they could be served by CHARISMA